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"Revolving," The Journal

I Grow Old," Guesthouse

The Candy Man,” Poetry Northwest

Ah, Love!" and "You, Temporary Balm to My Endless Suffering," Superstition Review

Bondage Device: Meat Hoist," Ninth Letter

Movement," Four Way Review

Tiny House Nation," Booth

Let's Please Live a Long Time,” Redivider

I Promise I’m More Bewildered Than the Bats,” Spillway

“Texas-Louisiana Border Dive Bar" (Three Poems)West Branch

Texas-Louisiana Border Dive Bar," Palette Poetry

The Zombie Apocalypse," The Indianapolis Review

For the Love I’ll Try to Keep," The Boiler


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“Could I Subpoena You Like Beetlejuice, Emily?” and “Susan Poses as Barbara Walters to Interview Emily,” Puerto Del Sol


Every Sound on Earth Miraculously Comes from It,” River Styx


Ode to Cigarettes,” Hobart


Ode to the Tropical Storm I Slept Through” and “I Grant Myself One Night Free from Worry,” The Normal School


“Another Succulent Tattoo at Some Two-Star Parlor in Montrose” and “When I’m Seven,Gulf Coast


Grafting” and “Sue Writes Emily About Her New Bed,” Yemassee


A Tinder Guy Opened the Conversation With, Can I Have You?,” the minnesota review


Please, Someone, Tell Me About a Knife Fight,” Juked 


At the Iron Bear,” Crab Creek Review 


I Should Have Loved Bigfoot Instead,” Underblong 


Oh, the Places We’ll Go,” Hotel Amerika

Tips for Your Quarter-Life Crisis,” North American Review

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Brett Hanley Defeat the Rest Chatbook

Defeat the Rest (chapbook)

Published by American Poetry Journal


Defeat the Rest is an anxious romp of queer longing and self-invention. At times humorous and at other times heart-wrenching, this chapbook centers around poems addressed from a woman named Susan to a woman named Emily and includes guest appearances from minor characters like Bigfoot, a tropical storm, and Ferdinand the Bull.


Hanley’s poems interrogate how various types of relationships and intimacies can both amplify loneliness and tamp it down. There’s an underlying sense of hope in Defeat the Rest for the chapbook’s speakers, who may not achieve the connection they want but may slowly be stumbling toward something even greater.


Brett Hanley Poet Headshot


Brett Hanley holds an MFA from McNeese State University and a PhD from Florida State University. She has worked as Poetry Editor at both Southeast Review and The McNeese Review. Their poems are forthcoming or have recently been published in West Branch, Gulf Coast, Ninth Letter, The Journal, Poetry Northwest, and elsewhere. She was a semi-finalist for the 2022 92Y Discovery Contest and was a 2021 Bread Loaf-Rona Jaffe Foundation Scholar. Brett currently teaches English at Florida International University. 



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